Is the Air Quality in Your Home Making You Sick?

I have heard many brilliant and well-respected progressive doctors say that air quality is a bigger threat to our health than chemicals in our food. Considering we hear FAR more about the importance of cleaning up our diet and eating organic, this should get your attention. Both indoor and outdoor air quality pose risks.

Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Matters

outdoor field at sunrise with clear air quality

Indoor air these days is more toxic than ever before due to improvements in home building energy efficiency. While tightly sealed homes are great for lowering your utility bill, the lack of air flow is trouble for your health. Mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from carpet, furniture, and vinyl, and regular old allergens like dust and pet dander build up and stress the immune system.

Outside air is still safer than the vast majority of indoor air. However, high ozone, smoke from forest fires, and particulate pollution all contribute to poor air quality that adds to our total toxic load.

You can check on the status of the outdoor air quality in your state by googling air quality index. If you live in Colorado, visit this site.

What To Do to Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Toxic Load

plants in dining room to improve air quality


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