Apr 2016

Sugar Addiction is Real


Sugar Addiction is Real Sugar is addictive. If you haven't heard me say it, I'm sure you've heard it before in the media. However, sugar addiction is often presented in a flippant, "sugar is like a drug!", kind of way, even by me. On a serious note, I want you to know that sugar IS [...]

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Feb 2016

Sugar Detox: Does Alcohol Count?


Sugar Detox: Does Alcohol Count? When you decide to do a sugar cleanse or sugar detox, whether or not you also decide to eliminate alcoholic beverages is completely up to you. For most health goals, removing alcohol during a detox or cleanse is helpful. You are more likely to see benefits such as weight loss, [...]

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Sep 2015

Sugar Relapse


Sugar Relapse The results of ONE week of high sugar It was my birthday last week and starting Tuesday of last week, I decided to celebrate. This celebration involved many activities, but the one of note today is my sugar intake. I am a sugar addict, always have been, always will be. So, when I [...]

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Feb 2015

Sugar Cleanse: How-To


Sugar Cleanse: How-To I do a sugar cleanse every couple months because it helps me reset and retrain my (genetically ingrained) sweet-tooth. I figure, if it is difficult for me to find balance with sugar consumption day-to-day, then at least I can find balance month-to-month, knowing that there are large spans of time where I [...]

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Nov 2014

Sugar Withdrawals


Sugar Withdrawals Alright, time to get a little personal. I started a three-week sugar cleanse. To me, this means no processed or refined sugars and no alcohol, with low fruit. I usually embark on these little bouts of abstaining when I find myself in an addictive cycle with sugar or see that I am self [...]

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Dec 2013

The Sugar Diaries Finale (THE RESULTS!)


The Sugar Diaries Finale (THE RESULTS!)   I did it! I made it three weeks without intentionally eating any processed or refined sugar and only a few accidental refined sugar ingestion incidents. I was traveling on day 21, on my way to the Yucatan Peninsula for some holiday R&R.  Surprisingly, I didn’t gorge myself on [...]

The Sugar Diaries Finale (THE RESULTS!)2018-07-20T21:39:30-06:00
Dec 2013

The Sugar Diaries, Day 19


The Sugar Diaries, Day 19 For some reason, today and yesterday have been especially difficult. I am only two days away from reaching my 3-week goal, and I think this is partly to blame. I feel so close to the finish line that my thinking becomes: "well, you basically did it, what's a little chocolate [...]

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Dec 2013

The Sugar Diaries, Day 7


The Sugar Diaries, Day 7 My cravings have significantly improved from a few days ago. I ate lunch today and didn't immediately feel a desperate need for chocolate. Progress! My ability to focus seems to be returning and I haven't had a headache the last couple days. I think I am past the withdrawal symptoms [...]

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Dec 2013

The Sugar Diaries, Day 3


The Sugar Diaries, Day 3     I have made it 72 hours into the sugar-free challenge. The first week is always the worst. I'm hungry every hour. Nothing is satisfying. I keep drinking fruity herbal tea to help curb my cravings. I feel tired and unfocused. I'm fantasizing about baking delicious things; rationalizing ways [...]

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