buddha head with happy and sad faces representing emotional HealthEmotional Health

Relief from Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, Naturally

Are you looking for ways to feel better emotionally without taking medication or spending thousands on therapy?

Do you feel wired and tired? Anxious that you’re so tired, or tired from being anxious? Depressed that you’re anxious, or anxious that you’re depressed? Unmotivated and uninspired?

I get it, that’s exactly how I felt for years.

I know what a struggle it can be to keep your head above water when it feels like you’ll never be light-hearted again.

I offer a unique approach to emotional health and well-being that combines the best of both Eastern and progressive Western care.

I work with you to:

  • address your emotional and physical symptoms of imbalance with acupuncture
  • regulate your nervous system and hormones
  • manage the side effects of medication, help with the symptoms of medication withdrawal, treat your emotional health without the use of medication
  • utilize functional medicine combined with eastern medicine to address root cause issues like gut health

We now know more about the incredibly important connection between the gut and the brain. When addressing any chronic psychological or emotional symptoms, we must also examine the health of the digestive system.

Our bodies directly affect our mind and vice versa. By healing both at once, you can see long-lasting drug-free results.

Expert Care

I specialize in treating emotional health, with the majority of my research, training, and focus on psychological well-being.
I can help you find relief from:

  • Chronic Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Withdrawal effects from medication
  • Associated symptoms such as low energy, disrupted sleep, lack of clarity or focus, phobias, addictions, difficulty making decisions, headaches, panic attacks, teeth grinding/clenching, dizziness, tight stomach, throat, chest, etc.

A Collaborative Approach

I am experienced in working with primary care doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and other healers to help you feel your best.

I believe in having a support team. If you are on medication and would like to get off it, I can work with your doctor to help make the transition to natural healthcare.

Essential for Physical Healing

Even if your specific complaints are physical pain, addressing the emotional side is essential for lasting healing. From the Eastern medical perspective, all physical symptoms affect our emotional body. Old emotional trauma can manifest as physical symptoms years later.

“Healing requires to change the level of consciousness. The level of consciousness that got someone there cannot be the level of consciousness that will heal them. If you change your perception, you change the disease.” Jeffrey Yuen


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