Free Resources

Carefully crafted by me, each of these free downloadable resources are intended to help you feel empowered and confident as you nourish, balance, and heal.

-Dr. Caite

Liver Detox 101 (1-Page PDF)

A free 1-page PDF with the essentials for supporting healthy liver detoxification function.

Top 8 Foods To Reduce Anxiety (2-page PDF)

This is a free 2-page PDF listing the top 8 foods I recommend including in your diet to address underlying nutritional causes of anxiety. These foods work to rebalance minerals, vitamins, and amino acids while lowering overall inflammation to relieve anxiety.

10 Ways To Activate The Vagus Nerve (1-Page PDF)

A free PDF outlining 10 ways to activate vagus nerve function. These are useful for people suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disease, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, and central nervous system disorders.

Loving Kindness Meditation (2-page PDF)

A 2-page free PDF explaining the benefits of practicing metta or lovingkindness meditation for emotional and mental health. This practice relieves depression and anxiety and stimulates vagus nerve function for deep healing.

6 Mindful Practices For Happiness (2-page PDF)

This free 2-page PDF outlines 6 impactful mindfulness practices that will bring more joy and happiness to your life.

Best And Worst Antibiotics (1-page PDF)

Free 1-page PDF listing the safest and most harmful antibiotics. Please read this before taking antibiotics for any condition. Know that you have a choice about what type of antibiotic you are prescribed, and it is always wise to request the most narrow-spectrum and safest option possible.

Quit Plastic Cheat-sheet

Free downloadable PDF with recommendations of how to remove xenoestrogens from plastics from your personal care products, food, and home.

Healthy Snack Ideas (2-page PDF)

A free 2-page PDF download with healthy snack ideas suitable for gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegan, or other therapeutic diets. All these options are blood sugar balancing and nutrient dense.

4 Tips To Make Acupuncture Work For You (1 Page-PDF)

A free 1 page PDF with essential steps to getting the most from your acupuncture appointments.