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How to Feel More Relaxed: the formula for stress resilience

How to Feel More Relaxed: the formula for stress resilience Most of us imagine what our lives would be like if only we didn't have the stress of money, our high-pressure job, our marriage, our kids, our sick parents, or whatever the BIG thing is in any given moment. But we spend much less time fantasizing about what our lives would be like if our tolerance for stress were higher so the things that feel stressful now no longer had the same impact. This is stress resilience, and we can [...]

By |April, 2020|

Cultivating Inner Strength

Cultivating Inner Strength Global pandemic or not, life is going to serve you situations that spark fear. It’s perfectly normal to feel scared right now. And, it’s harmful to stay stuck in the story of fear. Staying in the story of fear is what you do when you continue to consume media and think thoughts that trigger a fear response. So, what can you do instead? Limit fear-triggers externally, and choose different thoughts internally. Cultivating inner strength prepares us to face the unknown with more grace and more ease. When [...]

By |March, 2020|

Pets as Mirrors: Your dog knows you’re stressed before you do

Pets as Mirrors Your dog may know you're stressed before you do. Your fur babies can help clue you into the state of your nervous system. Do they seem relaxed, clingy, stressed? Horse riders have long understood that the animal beneath them is highly tuned in to their emotional state. Other social animals like dogs do this too. While temperament and early life experiences can influence how anxious your pet is, they also attune to your energetic state. Numerous studies have shown that your dog will sync up with your [...]

By |March, 2020|

Desperation for Pain Relief, A Lesson in Compassion

Desperation for Pain Relief, A Lesson in Compassion What pain teaches me, and how it helps you Desperation for pain relief is primal. I experienced some of the most acute physical pain I’ve experienced in years recently. A sinus infection that felt like someone stabbing me in the left eyeball evolved into the worst (and maybe only) earache I’ve had as an adult. My right eardrum ruptured. I’m talking 9/10 pain. The kind of pain that had me praying, and I thought I only prayed on bumpy flights. “Please God, [...]

By |March, 2020|

Is Mold Exposure Making You Sick?

Is Mold Exposure Making You Sick? Wondering if mold exposure might be contributing to your symptoms? 1 in 5 people have genes that cause their body to fail to properly identify and excrete mycotoxins (the toxic byproduct of mold growth). Those people can get very sick from mold exposure when other people (even family members) would not show symptoms. The most common types of household mold found are Cladosporium, Penicillium, Alternaria, and Aspergillus. Stachybotrys chartarum (often referred to as “black mold”) is a greenish-black mold found indoors, although it is less common than the other [...]

By |September, 2019|

Why You Need to Parasite Cleanse

Why You Need to Parasite Cleanse Who Has Parasites? Probably you, and it might be time for a parasite cleanse. Nearly everyone has parasites at some point. Hookworms, tapeworms, pinworms, roundworms, and threadworms are the most common infections in the United States. Think you only get parasites from traveling to third-world countries? Think again! You get them from your organic carrots you didn’t wash thoroughly, that salmon avocado sushi roll from last weekend, gardening, and from playing with your dog. Avoiding parasites is almost impossible. It is a tradition to do [...]

By |May, 2019|

Understanding Stress: The Freeze Response

Understanding Stress: The Freeze Response I have strong hermit tendencies. Especially when I’m in a funk, I retreat. I’ve been like this since I was a little girl. If I was hurt or sad, I would curl into a little ball and hide. I didn’t want anyone to help me, touch me, even look at me. Somewhere along the way, I learned this way of coping— isolate, hunker down, hide, wait it out. On the one hand, it effectively shields the people around me from the negative energy I’m putting [...]

By |April, 2019|

Epstein Barr Virus: Symptoms, Testing, Treatment

Epstein Barr Virus: Symptoms, Testing, Treatment The Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) is epidemic. Over 90% of adults have antibodies that show they have a current or past EBV infection. Acute infections are often asymptomatic. In 30-50% of adolescents with immunocompromise, EBV manifests as mononucleosis. Primary EBV infections occur at a young age for most. EBV can be transmitted easily through saliva. EBV has a strong connection with Hodgkin's lymphoma and cancer of the throat. It's been implicated in the development of a number of other diseases, in particular, autoimmune diseases. Epstein [...]

By |April, 2019|

Oxalates: The IBS Trigger No One is Talking About

Oxalates: The IBS Trigger No One is Talking About Did you know that eating too many almonds could trigger joint pain, headaches, and IBS? Your green smoothie with 3 handfuls of raw spinach and soy milk can cause the same problem. It's all because of oxalates. High-oxalate Symptoms Eating a high-oxalate diet can be a cause of systemic inflammation. The following symptoms can be caused by high-oxalates in the blood: joint pain aching muscles headaches irritable bladder (frequent urination, nocturia, bladder pressure) irritable bowel (constipation, diarrhea, cramping, gas, urgency) kidney [...]

By |February, 2019|

Low Sex Drive in Women

Low Sex Drive in Women I hear many women of all ages in my practice bemoaning their non-existent or low sex drive. What’s the deal? Sexual desire, particularly in women is a complicated issue. There are emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological reasons why libido may not be where it once was (or perhaps it has always felt low!). The good news is, we can troubleshoot the problem and find solutions to keep that spark alive. Low libido is a subjective term and experience. What feels like a healthy sex drive is [...]

By |November, 2018|

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments I’ve had several hair loss episodes and am in the midst of one right now. We, women, tend to be especially attached to our hair. It’s a symbol of beauty and femininity for most. In the past, hair loss has put me into a state of panic. While I’m certainly not happy it’s happening again, I feel less attached this time. I know why it’s happening— major life transition, a round of Diflucan (hair loss as a side effect), and I’m on month two of [...]

By |October, 2018|

Travel Tips and Tricks from a Wellness Pro

Travel Tips and Tricks from a Wellness Pro Stay Healthy While Flying Many people find themselves starting or ending trips with a cold due to the exposure to germs and poor air, water, and food quality available in airports and on planes. I have some travel tips on how to stay healthy while flying. Fasting on flights This is one of my favorite travel tips and not commonly discussed. Our digestive systems struggle when we eat on flights. The climate is very dry, our autonomic nervous system is heightened, and [...]

By |October, 2018|

Metal Element Imbalance

Metal Element Imbalance In Traditional Chinese Medicine, having an imbalance of metal element is related to the lung, large intestine, and skin organ systems and meridians. Metal imbalances tend to show up most in the autumn. Acupuncture, diet, and lifestyle interventions all help rebalance symptoms and conditions associated with an imbalance of the metal element. Having an imbalance of the lung and large intestine meridians does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with those organs, though it can be predictive of future problems if you allow the imbalance to [...]

By |October, 2018|

10 Ways to Make More Time for YOU: Essential Time Management Tips

10 Ways To Make More Time for YOU: Essential Time Management Tips I used to live in a constant state of overwhelm. Balance was an elusive idea only Instagram celebrities with no real job had achieved. Then I got critical about how I actually spent my time and discovered some creative ways to rearrange my life. The majority of you struggle to get in enough “you” time each week. It can feel impossible to juggle work, family, friends, and the dog with your own self-care needs. These creative time management [...]

By |August, 2018|

Orthorexia and the Dark Side of Healthy Eating

Orthorexia and the Dark Side of Healthy Eating Orthorexia describes a specific type of disordered eating—taking the concept of “clean eating” (I have intentionally stopped using this term) too far. It’s when eating foods considered unhealthy causes anxiety, shame, and guilt. Acceptable foods become very limited to only those that fit into a narrow category of “clean” food.  This is a condition I’m seeing more and more in my younger patients, and Instagram is a huge part of the problem. Many Instagram influencers have perpetuated the myth that in order [...]

By |August, 2018|

Is the Air Quality in Your Home Making You Sick?

Is the Air Quality in Your Home Making You Sick? I have heard many brilliant and well-respected progressive doctors say that air quality is a bigger threat to our health than chemicals in our food. Considering we hear FAR more about the importance of cleaning up our diet and eating organic, this should get your attention. Both indoor and outdoor air quality pose risks. Outdoor and Indoor Air Quality Matters Indoor air these days is more toxic than ever before due to improvements in home building energy efficiency. While tightly sealed [...]

By |August, 2018|

Overcoming a Herxheimer Reaction, What Helps

Overcoming a Herxheimer Reaction, What Helps I haven’t been feeling so hot on week 2 of my parasite cleanse (I do a yearly parasite cleanse), and it's due to what's called a Herxheimer reaction. Herxheimer reactions are a systemic inflammatory response to endotoxins released into the bloodstream when pathogens (bacteria, yeast, mold, viruses, etc) are killed off. Some people also refer to this as a healing crisis or die-off reaction. The detox reaction from die-off can be pretty uncomfortable. My symptoms this week have been nausea, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, [...]

By |July, 2018|

LipoLean Injections are Here!

LipoLean Injections are Here! Amaluna is now carrying a Lipotropic B-complex injection. This combination of vitamins and amino acids helps the body metabolize fat, detoxify, and protects cells from aging! What's in LipoLean? Leucine – reduces cravings for snacking and increases energy. Leucine helps you shed subcutaneous fat (just under the skin) and stabilizes blood sugar – essential for those with type 2 diabetes. L-Carnitine – helps the body produce energy and use fats efficiently; fights free radicals to prevent premature aging. Lipotropics Choline – promotes clear cognition, memory; metabolizes fats; detoxifies amines [...]

By |June, 2018|

Feeling Lonely? What You Need to Know

Feeling Lonely? What You Need to Know We don’t talk about loneliness enough. I mean we do in a removed abstract way, but how often do people you know discuss personally feeling lonely? It’s not “cool” to feel lonely. We associate loneliness with losers and outcasts. If we are feeling lonely, we think it means we don’t belong. And we are wired to value belonging over nearly everything. My Relationship to Loneliness Similarly to my disassociation with shame and guilt, it’s rarely been convenient to feel lonely and so I [...]

By |June, 2018|

Listening to Your Inner No for Better Health

Listening to Your Inner No for Better Health I write about topics and techniques I have not mastered or perfected. The medicine is in the writing. The writing makes something gel, and I find I'm better able to integrate the skill into my life. Sometimes, I write about stuff after I've learned the lesson, created the habit, or mastered the skill, but often I'm writing as I'm in the thick of it. This post is one of those. The Easy Inner No and the Hard One Until recently, I didn’t identify [...]

By |May, 2018|

Boulder is Spraying Pesticides for Mosquitoes, How to Opt Out

Boulder is Spraying Pesticides to Control Mosquitoes I recently found out that Boulder has trucks that drive around neighborhoods in Boulder city, Longmont, Lafayette, Erie, Louisville, and Superior spraying toxic pesticides into the air in an attempt to control the mosquitoes. Permethrin is the pesticide currently being sprayed for mosquito population control. Effects of Permethrin Exposure This information is from the Insecticide Fact Sheet in the Journal of Pesticide Reform. While Pyrethroids from Permethrin may be amongst the least toxic of insecticides (not saying much), they are an excitatory nerve poison. They [...]

By |May, 2018|

Exercise Addiction

Exercise Addiction Do you have a  healthy relationship to exercise? Boulder, your exercise addiction is showing. We don't talk about this enough. Exercise is assumed to be healthy at any frequency and intensity and with any underlying motive. But, like anything, too much can be dangerous and the motivation for working out is revealing! Feeling anxiety if you go 1-2 days without getting in a workout is a sign that you’re using exercise to mask an underlying emotional need. The core need may be to feel productive, desirable, lovable, or accepted. [...]

By |April, 2018|

What’s the Deal with Matcha? Matcha Tea Benefits

What's the Deal with Matcha? Matcha tea, not to be confused with maté, is a variant of green tea. It's my absolute favorite, and not just because it's trendy right now. I'll be drinking matcha till I'm old and wrinkled (if I'm lucky enough to get old and wrinkled). Real talk though, the hype around matcha tea benefits has some validity. Matcha is concentrated ground green tea leaves that are grown in a way that increases chlorophyll production and boost the amino acid content. You get all the benefits of [...]

By |March, 2018|

Emotional Triggers and Healing the Brain

Emotional Triggers and Healing the Brain Here's how it went for me today: argument with loved one > emotional triggers around feeling abandoned light up > I feel nauseous, dizzy, antsy, shaky, on the verge of tears all day > get off work and go to therapy (great timing, right?) > totally avoid talking about what I'm actually stressed about > feel like I wasted lots of money on therapy > decide to go to hot yoga and sweat it out > get overwhelmed by rushing to yoga and decide [...]

By |February, 2018|

Subtle Signs of Anxiety and What to Do

Subtle Signs of Anxiety and What to Do You may be experiencing signs of anxiety without realizing it. It wasn't until I was 25 that I even identified with the term "anxiety" to describe feelings. I was familiar with feeling nervous, or stressed, but anxious? Not in my vocabulary. It took even longer to start to notice what anxiety actually felt like in my body. There are still days where I notice symptoms of anxiety even though intellectually I don't recognize my emotional state as being anxious. It can be [...]

By |January, 2018|