Healthy Homemade Mayonnaise (3-min)

Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo

As a lifelong mayonnaise lover, this homemade mayonnaise really hits the spot. I love that it is fast, easy, and gives me full control to use high-quality oil.


2 large eggs
2 cups avocado oil
3 tsp honey mustard (I like Annie’s organic)
1/2 to 1 full lemon juiced, to taste
dash of sea salt or garlic salt
any additional flavoring of choice– sriracha, paprika, garlic, herbs, etc.

Nutrition Facts

Makes 24 servings
Per 1TB
97 calories
11g fat
1g protein
no carbs or sugar
7% RDA Vitamin D


Place all ingredients except the oil in a mason jar or glass bowl. Blend with immersion blender, add oil slowly. Continue blending until all oil is incorporated. Place in fridge and use within 1 week!

Nutrition Tips

Homemade mayo can healthfully be used on a daily basis. Don’t fear eggs or the high fat content. Both have valid proven health benefits. Sugar is the real enemy when it comes to cardiovascular disease and weight gain. Read all about why homemade mayonnaise is healthier than fresh juice. Also, the dirt on oils and why use avocado oil in this recipe.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy

In Eastern medicine, we think of fat as helping to build qi (energy). Healthy fats like those from avocado oil and eggs support healthy skin, hair, and nails and offer clean burning fuel for the metabolism. Monounsaturated fats feed the brain and help us with clear thinking. Fats also feed the myelin sheath that wraps our spinal cord and brain to protect us from neurodegenerative changes as we age. Adding extra garlic, lemon, or spice to your mayo can enhance the nutritional effects. Lemon stimulates liver function and digestion. Garlic and spicy both strengthen lung meridian and immune system.

If you need help boosting energy or immunity, try acupuncture.

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