• honey roasted root veggies
  • honey roasted root veggies

Honey Roasted Root Veggies

Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Vegetarian

These honey roasted root veggies are a simple winter staple, full of flavor, fiber and flavonoids (cancer fighting, anti-aging stuff!).


3 large organic beets
3 large organic parsnips
6-8 large organic carrots
2 peeled organic sweet potatoes
1 package fresh thyme sprigs
¼ cup raw local honey
¼ cup organic extra virgin olive oil
aged balsamic vinegar
garlic salt and pepper

Nutrition Facts

Makes 6-8 cups.
Per 1 cup serving:
266 calories
10g fat
112mg sodium
1243mg potassium, 30% RDA
50g carbs
10.2g fiber
22g sugar (natural)
3g protein
Vitamin A, 200% RDA
Vitamin C, 44% RDA


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Peel and chop veggies into even-sized pieces (or close, I’m a bit challenged when it comes to chopping). Coat with warmed honey, olive oil and a dash of salt. Sprinkle in thyme sprigs. Spread onto two baking sheets and over with foil.  Roast for 40 minutes, turning once after 15 minutes. Remove foil and roast another 15 minutes uncovered. Season your honey roasted root veggies with garlic salt, pepper, and a dash of balsamic vinegar to brighten flavors.

Nutrition Tips

Parsnips are of the parsley family, and high in phenolic acid and soluble fiber–both have strong cancer prevention properties. Soluble fiber is especially important in preventing colon cancer and keeping a healthy intestinal tract. Parnips are also high in folate, which is one of the most common nutritional deficiencies. Beets are high in iron, B6, and Vitamin C (especially beet greens), which make them a great food for treating iron-deficiency and symptoms of toxic blood such as acne, headaches, rashes, and digestive upset.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the parsnip and sweet potato have similar properties. They’re both warming and aid in digestive health, strengthening “spleen qi”. Parsnips are therapeutic for relieving pain, promoting sweating, and banishing headaches. Beets are fantastic for purifying and building blood. Beets help aid anxiety, while promoting circulation and detoxifying the liver. Beets are indicated for conditions such as anemia, constipation, heart disease, and liver toxicity.

If you need help balancing digestion, treating anemia, headaches, or boosting energy, try acupuncture.

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