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How To Make Your Own Deodorant

Toxin-Free, Affordable, Easy

I will likely never buy a stick of deodorant again. I was blown away by how simple and effective (you won’t be smelly) it is to make your own deodorant, and how much safer for your body! Winning on all fronts, my friends.


2 Tbsp. Organic virgin Coconut Oil
2 Tbsp. Arrowroot Powder
1 Tbsp. Beeswax or soy wax
3 Tbsp. Baking Soda
2 Tbsp. Shea Butter
Vitamin E (1 tsp)
Essential Oils of your choice (7-10 drops)

Nutrition Facts

Artifical fragrance-free


1. Clean out an old deodorant container and let dry.
2. Add beeswax to a glass mason jar and place in a pot of boiling water. Stir until just melted.
3. Add coconut oil and shea butter to beeswax. Stir until combined, don’t let it sit there and boil, melt and combine and then remove from heat (safely).
4. Add arrowroot and baking soda and mix thoroughly. Add vitamin E (1 tsp) if you would like.
5. Add essential oils (I love lavender and marjoram with a splash of peppermint).
6. Let mixture cool a little and then pour into your deodorant container (make sure to twist it down all the way first), place cap, and put into the fridge to set. It will be ready in a few hours! Now go tell all your friends you make your own deodorant.


If you live in a hot climate or it is summer, you may want to keep your deodorant in the fridge all the time for hardness.
Tea tree oil is a great addition due to its antibacterial properties.
You don’t need a lot! A pea sized amount per armpit is enough.
You may want to wait a few minutes after applying to throw on shirts in material like silk.
Some people are allergic to vitamin E oil, certain essential oils or initially sensitive to baking soda. Often this will dissipate and can be avoided by not applying deodorant right after shaving, but if you get irritation try other recipes–less baking soda, higher quality oils, etc.

Health Tips

Why make your own deodorant?

Health: Antiperspirant uses aluminum which is a known carcinogen. It’s bad for you. There’s no debate here. The best argument FOR aluminum safety is that we get it from antacids and cans and food too and there are other more serious contributors to chronic disease. This is true. But, a very weak argument if you’re like me, and looking to reduce all contributing factors. Most deodorants use artificial dyes and fragrances which are also know to be endocrine disruptors and mess with your hormones. You put this stuff directly onto often broken skin (if you shave your armpits), and directly over a major lymph system. I don’t want my immune system to be occupied dealing with the chemical shitstorm that is Teen Spirit instead of protecting me from cell damage I can’t control, like air pollution. So, embrace your crunchy granola side and make your own deodorant! Let’s say your already a Tom’s user: Honestly, this homemade version works better, costs less and is even.more.pure. If you’re into that (purists unite!).

Beauty: It makes my armpits so silky smooth and I almost never get ingrown hairs or red bumps from shaving now. Also, I smell less. I love it. ALSO, it doesn’t leave yellow or gray stains (disclaimer–remove beeswax as an ingredient to ensure no yellow marks) on your crisp white shirts, which saves you money when you don’t have to buy new white clothes all the time…

Money: It costs less than 3$ in ingredients, and you can recycle your old deodorant containers so you’re being super resourceful not to mention eco-friendly….

Environment: This is a great way to reduce waste. When you make your own deodorant, it is one less thing you use in life which creates trash, since you can keep refilling the same deodorant stick container. This should make you feel good!

Knowledge: You know what you’re putting on your skin. It’s all stuff that’s safe to eat, as anything we put on our skin should be. You get to understand what deodorant or antiperspirant is and is not and learn to love your natural bodily functions like sweating. It’s a lot easier to love a sweaty armpit when it doesn’t smell. Also, you get to connect to the root cause of what’s going on in your body instead of just trying to cover up the symptom. If your sweat is really smelly, let’s find out why. If you sweat a lot more than you want to, there’s probably a reason– physical or emotional. This stuff can usually be figured out and your whooooole body will be happier for it. I used to think I had a sweating problem and use clinical strength deodorant, and then I changed my diet, detoxed all my products, got my anxiety under control and now I only sweat profusely if there is a reason: like I’m overheating. And, if you try it and decide it’s not for you, it’s okay, I will still love you. Pick another awesome healthy habit instead.

Does it work?

Yes! Though it may take a little bit of patience for some. Baking soda kills odor causing bacteria very effectively. It’s zee best. But it’s actually what you aren’t putting on your underarms that helps you to be less smelly and sweaty.

If you’re used to an antiperspirant or a conventional deodorant you’re going to go through a bit of a detox period. Your sweat glands need to regulate. This means for anywhere from 10 days to a couple months you might feel like you are sweating more or your sweat is smelling more. But then, this magical thing happens, and you start to sweat less. Sweating is a natural, super-important bodily function designed to keep us cool and excrete stuff we don’t need. When we plug up our lymphatic system and pores with chemicals in antiperspirant and deodorant, we are jamming up this wonderfully designed system. Trying to control nature often results in a little backlash and we end up creating toxicity in our system and over-productive sweat glands–basically, you get sweatier and smellier. Let things flow freely and you end up with a low-odor environment which doesn’t require heavy duty chemicals.

There are a couple things that make a big difference in how your sweat smells: diet and hydration. The more water you drink the more diluted all your bodily secretions and the less bacteria-feeding and thus smell-inducing stuff in your sweat. Also, the cleaner your diet, the less you’re gonna smell. Dairy and sugar in particularly are likely to make you smell more. Anything in your system that creates inflammation is gonna make you smell more: coffee, alcohol, meds, food allergies, etc. If you feel like you could use a little help with detox, schedule an acupuncture appointment and we will talk diet and lifestyle tweaks also!


Despite my persuasive ways, maybe you just aren’t ready to get all crunchy granola crafty yet and make your own deodorant. I recently tried out Blissoma’s line of natural deodorant sprays and loved them, especially the citrus. They aren’t full of crap, in fact, everything is plant-based, and the company isn’t owned by a corporate giant so you aren’t unwittingly supporting Kraft. (They also make other yummy skin care products–I’m obsessed with the Restore Oil at the moment as my new fine line eye treatment.)

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