My Favorite Things

These are a few of my favorite things! Each product image is a link to where you can purchase these items. I included this page after many requests and to make it more convenient to find items discussed during appointments and on social media.

If you purchase products from Amazon via these links, Amazon gives me a tiny percentage in commission and it doesn’t cost you any more. Of course, I’m only recommending things I genuinely love, believe in, and use myself.



Organic ground flaxseed

Spearmint tea to lower androgens

Milk thistle tea for liver detox and hormone balancing

Mushroom Coffee — mushrooms for focus, energy, and alertness combined with coffee.

Arsenic-free, non-GMO, low glycemic sustainable rice

Adaptogen-infused coconut butter

Organic paleo spices

Organic high-grade matcha tea


Personal Care & Beauty Products


Clarisonic facial brush

Favorite non-toxic hand sanitizer

Ceramic neti pot for nasal flushing



Favorite natural shampoo and conditioner

Non-toxic spermicide for barrier method birth control

Non-toxic bath bubbles

Natural deodorant that works

Epsom salts for baths

The only sunscreen I use

Non-toxic floss

Best lip balm with sunscreen

Must-have mask for travel

Favorite face wash/exfoliant

Probiotic Face Mask for Breakouts

My favorite toothpaste



Natural sea sponges for menstruation

Non-toxic menstrual cup (women, please stop using tampons!)

Thinx period panties

Cervical Neck Roll

Natural Bug Spray

Favorite face makeup

Favorite Face Oil (doesn’t cause breakouts)



Favorite humidifier


Back jack for meditation


Robovac (must-have for overbusy people)

Non-toxic shower liners

Outlet timer so you can program your wifi to turn off at night

Non-toxic buckwheat pillow, great for travel

Best high-quality air filter, particularly for mold.

Favorite low-cost air purifier for smaller spaces

Berkey shower filter, filters out chlorine

Clean-label approved dog food

Eco-friendly washable flats


Eco-friendly, non-toxic, super soft bamboo sheets

Charcoal Furnace Filter

Berkey Travel Water Bottle (Filtered)



Berkey water filter with fluoride filters


berkey water filter

Pyrex glass bowls

Pyrex glass food storage

I cook everything in cast iron


Non-toxic ceramic cookware


My favorite blender

Best Immersion Blender (for matcha lattes, soups, homemade mayo)

Favorite dish soap



Required reading for being a woman. The bible for natural cycle tracking.

Must-read for food addiction, weight loss, and cravings.

Must-read before taking a psychiatric pharmaceutical or if currently on one.

Learn how to sync your life with your hormones.

Eye-opening about the food industry. Corn is a problem.

The power of thoughts on our cellular structure.

Quantum physics explains energy work, acupuncture, healing.

The power of our minds to heal our bodies, written by an M.D.

A great intro for spiritual seekers

Some real talk for new ageism.

Required reading for being a human in relationship with others.

My favorite book. Ancient wisdom for being a woman.

The connection between trauma and disease.

Healing with Whole Foods

Grain Brain, the best explanation of why to go gluten-free

The Autoimmune Solution

The best relationship advice I’ve ever read.

Recovering from heartbreak? Read this.

For women who are ready to lead

On vulnerability and releasing shame

Tantra wisdom for the modern woman

Will change how you think about sex completely.

For anyone going through a dark time

For how to shift habits on a deep level

A change in perspective that will bring you more happiness

Advice on how to break free from our tech addiction

How emotional and physical trauma leads to health issues. Fascinating read.

Quick and easy read, guidelines for living well.

Functional Medicine, a new paradigm for healing

On facing and overcoming the fear of death

Synergy of western and eastern religion into health

Herbs, Supplements, Etc.


Prokinetic for digestive issues.

The BEST elderberry syrup. Must have for cold/flu season.

Immune support staple

Tocos for Vitamin E and Bs, great in tea/coffee

Organic Ashwagandha

Organic pearl powder for anxiety and skin health

Clean protein powder + amino acid support


Spirulina for heavy metal and mold detox

Diatomaceous Earth for Parasite and Heavy Metal Detox

Effective Biocarbon Heavy Metal and Environmental Toxin Detox

heavy metal detox

Favorite Hemp Extract CBD product

organic hemp extract

Parasite Cleanse Herbs