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Causes of Anxiety

By |December, 2018|Mental and emotional health|

Causes of Anxiety Anxiety can be caused by a huge range of physical, spiritual, and psychological triggers. Anxiety is simply one way that our mind and body communicate that attention is needed to create balance again. Below are some of the causes of anxiety and suggestions for how to rebalance. I have separated these into two categories, but the truth is there is no clear [...]


Low Sex Drive in Women

By |November, 2018|Causes of disease: the wisdom of Functional Medicine, Health Tips|

Low Sex Drive in Women I hear many women of all ages in my practice bemoaning their non-existent or low sex drive. What’s the deal? Sexual desire, particularly in women is a complicated issue. There are emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological reasons why libido may not be where it once was (or perhaps it has always felt low!). The good news is, we can troubleshoot the [...]


Hair Loss Causes and Treatments

By |October, 2018|Causes of disease: the wisdom of Functional Medicine, Health Tips|

Hair Loss Causes and Treatments I’ve had several hair loss episodes and am in the midst of one right now. We, women, tend to be especially attached to our hair. It’s a symbol of beauty and femininity for most. In the past, hair loss has put me into a state of panic. While I’m certainly not happy it’s happening again, I feel less attached this [...]


Physical Symptoms of Anxiety

By |October, 2018|Causes of disease: the wisdom of Functional Medicine, Mental and emotional health|

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Anxiety can manifest as a number of physical symptoms. It is helpful to be able to identify the physical symptoms of anxiety so that you can interrupt the stress response quickly.  It is also possible for certain physical conditions to cause anxiety. For example, gut infections and inflammation in the GI tract are notorious for causing changes in mood. Heart conditions, [...]


Travel Tips and Tricks from a Wellness Pro

By |October, 2018|Health Tips, Non-toxic lifestyle|

Travel Tips and Tricks from a Wellness Pro Stay Healthy While Flying Many people find themselves starting or ending trips with a cold due to the exposure to germs and poor air, water, and food quality available in airports and on planes. I have some travel tips on how to stay healthy while flying. Fasting on flights This is one of my favorite travel tips [...]


Metal Element Imbalance

By |October, 2018|Finding balance: the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Health Tips|

Metal Element Imbalance In Traditional Chinese Medicine, having an imbalance of metal element is related to the lung, large intestine, and skin organ systems and meridians. Metal imbalances tend to show up most in the autumn. Acupuncture, diet, and lifestyle interventions all help rebalance symptoms and conditions associated with an imbalance of the metal element. Having an imbalance of the lung and large intestine [...]