Boulder Dry Needling
amaluna acupuncture dry needling patient with back full of needles

Dry Needling (DN), also called trigger point therapy, is the insertion of acupuncture needles into a contracted muscle belly (a.k.a: trigger-points) with the intention of creating a twitch that causes the muscle to relax. This is an effective technique for reducing pain, relieving tension, and reducing muscle spasms. Sports injuries and overuse injuries respond very well to trigger point therapy. I often use this technique on patients who come in with a chief complaint of musculoskeletal pain. Trigger point therapy is one aspect of acupuncture, a larger holistic healing system capable of treating internal issues as well. You’ve most likely heard about DN from your Physical Therapist or Chiropractor. The DN term was coined so that health professionals who were not licensed acupuncturists could utilize this effective acupuncture technique. I recommend seeking out a licensed acupuncturist for DN, so that you have the safest and most effective needle experience.

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