Nutritional Counseling

fresh veggies recommended by nutrition counseling Boulder

Food is medicine. Everything you eat either helps or hurts your health. This can seem like an overwhelming responsibility, but it is also a tremendous opportunity. Most people have complete control over their diet. This means you can choose to promote your health every single time you eat. I believe true healing must include changes to diet and lifestyle in order to be lasting. I offer nutritional counseling with each acupuncture session. This includes advice on foods to eat for your particular constitution and symptoms. I offer weight-loss advice, eating plans for chronic disease, and nutrition advice for specific conditions like allergies, migraines, or acne. I will help support you and keep you on track between appointments with personalized emails and information on how to promote your health, if you wish.

Holistic Health Consults

I can review your labwork or order new labwork to assess how Traditional Chinese Medicine and diet and supplement therapies may contribute to your health. This is called a functional medicine approach. We are looking at root causes of your symptoms and using food as medicine to tailor treatment specifically to your body’s chemistry.

Functional Medicine Testing

I offer Cyrex Labs leaky gut and food allergy testing, Commonwealth Labs Hydrogen Breath Tests, DUTCH Hormone Panels, Doctor’s Data Heavy Metals tests, and Great Plains Laboratory Stool and Urine tests to help determine the best course of treatment.

Herbs and Supplements

I often recommend Chinese herbal formulas or supplements. I always choose the highest quality herbs, with independent 3rd party testing and FDA approval. Herbs and supplements are allergen-free or low-allergen and do not contain heavy metals. You can feel confident you are getting the best, most therapeutic formulations from trusted companies.

Wellness Blog

I am so passionate about food, I regularly post healthy recipes on my blog. I also post “Health Tips” on topics like natural beauty care, why magnesium is important or how to curb sugar cravings.