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The Sugar Diaries


Sugar Detox: Does Alcohol Count?

By |February, 2016|Health Tips, The Sugar Diaries|

Sugar Detox: Does Alcohol Count? When you decide to do a sugar cleanse or sugar detox, whether or not you also decide to eliminate alcoholic beverages is completely up to you. For most health goals, removing alcohol during a detox or cleanse is helpful. You are more likely to see benefits such as weight loss, improved skin tone, reduced bloating, balanced blood sugar and thus [...]


Sugar Relapse

By |September, 2015|Health Tips, The Sugar Diaries|

Sugar Relapse The results of ONE week of high sugar It was my birthday last week and starting Tuesday of last week, I decided to celebrate. This celebration involved many activities, but the one of note today is my sugar intake. I am a sugar addict, always have been, always will be. So, when I fall off the wagon, I fall off in a big way. [...]


Sugar Cleanse: How-To

By |February, 2015|Health Tips, The Sugar Diaries|

Sugar Cleanse: How-To I do a sugar cleanse every couple months because it helps me reset and retrain my (genetically ingrained) sweet-tooth. I figure, if it is difficult for me to find balance with sugar consumption day-to-day, then at least I can find balance month-to-month, knowing that there are large spans of time where I do not consume any refined sugar. If you're addicted to [...]


Sugar Withdrawals

By |November, 2014|Health Tips, The Sugar Diaries|

Sugar Withdrawals Alright, time to get a little personal. I started a three-week sugar cleanse. To me, this means no processed or refined sugars and no alcohol, with low fruit. I usually embark on these little bouts of abstaining when I find myself in an addictive cycle with sugar or see that I am self medicating. Last month was rough--heartbreak and my dog had some [...]


The Sugar Diaries Finale (THE RESULTS!)

By |December, 2013|The Sugar Diaries|

The Sugar Diaries Finale (THE RESULTS!)   I did it! I made it three weeks without intentionally eating any processed or refined sugar and only a few accidental refined sugar ingestion incidents. I was traveling on day 21, on my way to the Yucatan Peninsula for some holiday R&R.  Surprisingly, I didn’t gorge myself on chocolate just yet. However, the next day (officially day 22) [...]