Sugar Relapse

The results of ONE week of high sugar

caitlin gordon eating cupcakes during a sugar relapseIt was my birthday last week and starting Tuesday of last week, I decided to celebrate. This celebration involved many activities, but the one of note today is my sugar intake. I am a sugar addict, always have been, always will be. So, when I fall off the wagon, I fall off in a big way. Guys, I had a sugar relapse. My sugar bonanza lasted roughly a week. Today, I decided to take back the reigns before I end up a basket case. Sounds dramatic? It FEELS dramatic. Ugh, sugar, my nemesis.

I ate some type of chocolate or sugar every day, often multiple times a day. I had trail mix that had peanut butter cups and chocolate chips in it. I licked spoonfuls of almond butter sweetened with maple syrup and honey. I munched 2 gluten-free (Aaahhhmazing) cupcakes–see photo, I got dessert after eating out twice, I had gluten-free french toast, orange juice, champagne, peanut butter ginger chews, strawberry coconut ice cream, and chocolate covered bananas. I’m telling you, I went for it.

What happened?

Over the course of a week, I gained 3lbs, despite going to the gym three times and hiking 17 miles with a 30lb pack. Exercising does not mean you can eat whatever you want. Granted, it probably saved me from going up a jean size and kept me mostly sane, but it doesn’t cancel out a sugar binge.

I had such a hard time getting out of bed for the last 5 days. My alarm goes off and I just feel like a lump of clay. I’ve also been having lots of anxious dreams that make me feel like I didn’t get true rest but ran around in my head all night instead.

I have woken up with moderate anxiety several days. It is no fun to start your day feeling worried and antsy for no particular reason. Overall, my anxiety level the last 4 days ramped up, with the only explanation being blood sugar and inflammation.

I have less motivation to exercise. Yes, I went to the gym this week, but I sure as hell didn’t want to. I dragged my feet the entire time. I fantasized about going to Ripple and eating fro-yo instead. This is not the normal me (anymore).

My skin broke out… All over: My face, my chest, and even my back. Holy inflammation response! Yuck.

My digestion slowed way down. Food stopped moving through me at the pace I prefer. Not fun.

I got throat phlegm! That sticky back of the tongue sensation, mostly in the mornings. I am 90% phlegm-free and proud of it, so this was a big bummer.

My skin dried out. Sahara-level dry. I got flaky/ashy legs, all my wrinkles on my face popped out for me to appreciate, and I even felt mildly itchy. Some of this is probably due to my high altitude excursions recently, but again… systemic inflammation responses all thanks to a high-sugar fiesta.

I felt dizzy when I stood up from my chair several times throughout the day. This is a blood sugar problem, and blood sugar is very hard to regulate when you’re eating sugary crap.

ALL OF THIS in one week?! Craziness. I am probably becoming more sensitive to the effects of sugar because I eat so little on a regular basis. However, it’s astonishing to me that many of these symptoms I experienced for months on end and just assumed were normal stuff I had to deal with. Now it feels like I’m falling apart when these symptoms crop up!

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Caitlin Gordon, M.S., L.Ac., C.M.F.P., is a functional medicine clinician, board-certified acupuncturist, and transformative health coach based in Boulder, Colorado. Owner of Amaluna Wellness, Caitlin treats patients online and in-person. She specializes in treating stress, anxiety, and depression without pharmaceuticals.

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