About Acupuncture

caitlin gordon boulder functional medicine clinician with patientAcupuncture “jump starts” the body’s innate healing capacity. Our bodies are incredible systems that can rebuild bone, muscle, tissues, and nerves, and regulate hormones and brain chemistry all at the same time!

We are designed to heal ourselves. The reality of life today is that diet, lifestyle, emotions, and the influence of chemicals and toxins in commercial products and the environment all contribute to disrupting our natural healing process. In the same way that we don’t use 100% of our brainpower, we don’t use 100% of our healing power for the reasons stated above. Acupuncture helps access another 10-20% of our natural healing capacity. This is often all it takes to start the cascade of change that leads to the relief of dis-ease symptoms.

When chronic conditions have persisted for many years, the healing process is a bit like peeling an onion. Symptoms will resolve one layer at a time as your body starts to heal. Our bodies are not designed to heal selectively, so typically when one disease begins to subside, other seemingly unrelated symptoms resolve as well. This is one reason acupuncture patients are so loyal to the medicine: you come in for back pain, but as your back pain subsides you find your dry itchy eyes have also improved.

Acupuncture promotes whole-system wellness. It is the same mechanism behind diet changes. Discovering one or two foods that are causing inflammation in your system and eliminating them can result in a whole host of symptoms beginning to resolve. By removing a major stress, your ability to self-heal everything is more efficient!

At my office, I use a unique treatment called Vagus Nerve Stimulation.

Acupuncture is amazing for helping to regulate vagal nerve response. A regulated vagus nerve reduces anxiety, PTSD and trauma responses, depression, improves digestion, treats autoimmune issues, and reduces inflammation. I’ve developed a very effective technique using electroacupuncture on specific ear and body points that stimulate the vagus nerve to strengthen tone and regulate vagal response. Electroacupuncture uses a small machine that emits a painless electromagnetic pulse. The electromagnetic pulse feels like a slight buzzing or tapping and is not unpleasant. After 20-30 minutes of this, you will leave the office feeling incredibly relaxed. That vagal nerve stimulation will help regulate all the processes controlled by the vagal nerve, which can treat a huge number of neurological and inflammatory issues. More info on why vagal nerve tone is so important here.