Build Your Own Morning Practice

Build a sacred, nervous system regulating morning practice for happiness and healing

A 6-week self-study course taught by Dr. Caite where you’ll get potent instructional and inspirational video modules dripped out weekly so you can make it happen!
Week 1

Habit science and creating the time for your practice. How to build your own altar/sacred space.

Week 2

Breathwork: learn different breath practices to reduce anxiety, improve energy and clarity, and heal the body.

Week 3

Meditation, mindfulness, and mantra. Learn different mindfulness-based nervous system healing practices to suit your lifestyle. 

Week 4

Non-linear movement practice.
Moving through emotions: grief, anxiety, & rage practice.

Week 5

Journaling for clarity, manifestation, and accelerated change. How to use oracle decks. 

Week 6

Sticking with your practice + how to work with resistance. Build a transformative lifelong new habit. 

Bonus Content

Biohacking your morning practice, pleasure practice, how to use a mala, and more.

Why learn it from me?

  • 5 years of my own dedicated daily morning practice that includes asana, mantra, breathwork, and meditation. 
  • Advanced student of meditation and lifelong devotee to bringing the sacred into daily routines. 
  • A scientific + holistic understanding of habit psychology, hormone health, and neurobiology. I understand what offers maximum benefit for your mind and body and how to create habits that stick.
Ready to commit to yourself?

This is for you if…

  • You know the benefits of a healthy morning routine, meditation, and mindfulness but can’t seem to get into a habit
  • You aren’t sure what to include in your morning routine 
  • You have tried to meditate using apps but it never sticks as a daily practice
  • You feel anxious or depressed in the mornings
  • You have trouble focusing during the day
  • You’re experiencing health issues
  • You know you need nervous system support
  • You frequently feel overwhelmed or stressed out

A morning practice will change your life. A mindful morning practice can boost your mood, productivity, energy, and focus while reducing stress, anxiety and health problems. 

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