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What’s the Deal with Matcha? Matcha Tea Benefits

By |March, 2018|Health Tips|

What's the Deal with Matcha? Matcha tea, not to be confused with maté, is a variant of green tea. It's my absolute favorite, and not just because it's trendy right now. I'll be drinking matcha till I'm old and wrinkled (if I'm lucky enough to get old and wrinkled). Real talk though, the hype around matcha tea benefits has some validity. Matcha is concentrated ground [...]


Emotional Triggers and Healing the Brain

By |February, 2018|Health Tips|

Emotional Triggers and Healing the Brain Here's how it went for me today: argument with loved one > emotional triggers around feeling abandoned light up > I feel nauseous, dizzy, antsy, shaky, on the verge of tears all day > get off work and go to therapy (great timing, right?) > totally avoid talking about what I'm actually stressed about > feel like I wasted [...]


Subtle Signs of Anxiety and What to Do

By |January, 2018|Health Tips|

Subtle Signs of Anxiety and What to Do You may be experiencing signs of anxiety without realizing it. It wasn't until I was 25 that I even identified with the term "anxiety" to describe feelings. I was familiar with feeling nervous, or stressed, but anxious? Not in my vocabulary. It took even longer to start to notice what anxiety actually felt like in my body. [...]


Holiday Season Self-Care Checklist

By |December, 2017|Health Tips|

Holiday Season Self-Care Checklist Every year I aspire to have any holiday gift making or shopping done by December 1st, to remain sugar-free, and to spend the month doing introverted enjoyable things like journaling, taking baths, yoga, drinking tea and oooh-ahhing at the twinkly lights. Surprise, not the case! However, I have managed to make steady progress towards this goal of a chilled-out December using [...]


Healthy Homemade Mayonnaise

By |December, 2017|Healthy Recipes|

Healthy Homemade Mayonnaise (3-min) Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Paleo As a lifelong mayonnaise lover, this homemade mayonnaise really hits the spot. I love that it is fast, easy, and gives me full control to use high-quality oil. Ingredients 2 large eggs 2 cups avocado oil 3 tsp honey mustard (I like Annie's organic) 1/2 to 1 full lemon [...]


Gluten Effects: My personal story

By |November, 2017|Health Tips|

Gluten Effects: My personal story I was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2013 after many many years of unexplained health issues. I was likely suffering from the disease for a long time before that. Celiac disease and gluten effects are different for everyone but I want to share my story for those of you who are curious. No, I never "cheat" I get asked all [...]