Stress Relief in Boulder
Published on October 25, 2016
by Dr. Caitlin Gordon

Stress Relief in Boulder

Published on October 25, 2016 by Dr. Caitlin Gordon

5 Ways to Find Stress Relief in Boulder, Colorado

Stress Relief in BoulderWhen it comes to healing and living a healthy life, there are few things that offer bigger returns than managing your stress level. While stress is an unavoidable part of life, we can take steps to schedule in relaxing activities. I cannot overstate the benefits of spending a few hours of the week in a relaxed state. Make relaxation a priority and it will change your life. Here are five options for stress relief in Boulder:


1. The Relaxing Station

The Relaxing Station has a number of very reasonably priced acupressure massage (using the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians) and reflexology services. In particular, the 30, 40, or 60-minute foot reflexology appointments make a fantastic way to get a little lunchtime zen or after-work decompression. They are open 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm!

2. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is proven to lower cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Regular acupuncture sessions help the body switch into parasympathetic mode (rest and digest). The body’s natural healing functions are stimulated. Acupuncture works best when used consistently, as effects are cumulative. There are several great options for acupuncture in Boulder.

    • Amaluna Acupuncture & Wellness: Amaluna specializes in emotional health, and nowhere else in Boulder can you find a better option for stress relief treatments and deeply restorative care.
    • Boulder Community Acupuncture: This clinic offers a sliding fee scale in a less private environment. This is a wonderful option if weekly private acupuncture sessions are not affordable.
    • Southwest Acupuncture College: For affordable herbal consults and acupuncture, check out the acupuncture college. The student clinics are fully supervised by expert licensed acupuncturists, and you can receive custom herbal formulas at discounted rates.

3. Cloud Nine Float Center

Cloud Nine Float Tank stress relief in boulderFloat tank sessions at Cloud Nine Float Center are reminiscent of being in the womb. The water is perfectly warmed to body temperature, and full of Epsom salts so that your body floats effortlessly in the darkened chamber. This absence of stimulus helps your body and brain soften into deep relaxation. As an added bonus, the Epsom salts help replenish depleted magnesium stores which can help with headaches, cramping, muscle pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

4. Yin Yoga at Yoga Pod

Yin yoga classes are the ultimate choice for movement-based relaxation. Restorative or yin classes guide you through a slow series of floor-based and prop-supported poses. You will relax into each pose for several minutes at a time. Spending 3-5 minutes in each pose unwinds the deep connective tissue. The focus on breathing helps stimulate vagus nerve function. This has a profoundly calming effect on the entire central nervous system. Yin classes do not require yoga experience or flexibility.

5. YDM Meditation

YDM Meditation offers intro courses to mantra-based meditation every month and free intro talks. There are other community offerings such as kriya and breathwork classes. Meditation is one of the most powerful tools for reshaping the way our brains handle stress. Meditation slows aging, improves memory and cognition, and lowers stress.

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