12-Day Liver Detox Protocol for Healing



Your current health challenges are rooted in the stressors on your system being greater than your resources. When your total toxic burden is more than your detox systems can keep up with, you develop symptoms. The liver is our most important detox organ, and there are concrete steps you can take to lighten your total toxic load that will improve every aspect of your health. Supporting liver function can greatly improve a huge range of symptoms from acne, to headaches, to autoimmune disease.

This liver detox protocol has been meticulously crafted to be gentle, manageable, and extremely effective. I designed it in collaboration with the functional nutritionist and personal chef Kayla Nelson. We have over a decade of experience successfully working one-on-one with individuals on detoxification along with our own personal journeys with chronic illness.

What this is:

  • A 37-page ebook that clearly walks you through a 12-day liver detox protocol
  • Self-directed, you follow the steps outlined in the ebook
  • Includes simple recipes, specific meal plans for each day, and grocery lists
  • Delicious
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Incorporates the wisdom of Ayurveda and Chinese medicine
  • Sustainable
  • Safe and effective
  • Pro-tips for busy people on making this easy
  • Additional tools for continuing detox support

Over the course of 12 days, we lead you step-by-step with meal plans, supplement recommendations, cleansing activities, and clear explanations for our unique methodology. We know that many detox protocols are hard to sustain. This one is designed to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. You will finish the detox feeling lighter and more energized, having effectively jump-started your body’s natural clean-up systems. We recommend repeating the protocol at least twice a year for best results.

What this is not:

  • There will be no juice fasting,
  • No water fasting,
  • No celery juice junk science,
  • No specialized products or supplements required,
  • No body-wraps, laxative teas, or other weight-loss hacks that don’t last,
  • No foot soaks, patches, or other detox gimmicks,
  • No starving,
  • No complicated recipes,
  • No subscription or expiration date; the information is yours forever.

I am so excited for you to reap the benefits of supporting your detox systems and elimination pathways. What you learn in this ebook will allow you to continue this work safely and effectively on your own for years to come.